Annandale Philosophy

The Annandale philosophy is one of simplicity and honesty. With as little intervention as possible, wines are guided from the vineyard into the bottle and allowed to express the best of what nature has to offer.

No commercial yeasts are used, and fermentation is an entirely natural process. If necessary, the tanks are cooled by water diverted from the stream next to the cellar, which is run over the tanks then returned to the stream. Wines are not racked or fined, but left in peace to mature in the silence of the old cellar. Over the years these wines become the embodiment of the farm motto ‘vintage wines’.

Some of our Popular Wines 

Annandale Merlot 2005

Carefully selected from individual vineyards, this wine exhibits full flavor and concentration. Barreled in French oak for 8 years, this is a sensational Merlot is unique to this country. This classic wine is made in an Old World style and exclusively selected for a European Royal Wedding. The wine exhibits dark fruit, with plums and mocha on the palate, supported by typical Annandale tannins. This wine is ready to drink but will age well in bottle for years to come.

Shiraz 2005

This vintage is the third release since the first Annandale Shiraz was introduced in 1996. It is a wine worthy of 100% new French oak maturation for 8 years producing a dense, concentrated wine of typical Shiraz aromas with spices, pepper nuances and dark fruit evident. This wine is exciting and demanding – almost dangerous. Definitely Annandale’s flagship wine and a great addition to any home cellar.

CVP Port 2004

A smooth blend of Shiraz fortified with matured Brandy, this port is a perennial favorite. It shows a dark ruby colour with a garnet edge, deep stewed fruit aromas combined with hints of ripe plums and blackberries. The port has a smooth aftertaste showing neither too much tannin nor heat, nor sticky sweetness, but rather, a velvety fruit finish that lingers in your mouth. Made in small quantities, this rich, fruity port is perfect for winter and a wonderful addition to the Annandale stable.

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